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Accommodation in Kyyjärvi

Because of the location, Kyyjärvi is more than a proper place for travellers to take a break. The distances from Kyyjärvi to the provincial centres and, for example, companies of the region are short. Of course it is also possible for holiday-makers to stay longer and get to know with Kyyjärvi and the region. 

Providing year-round accommodation for you: 


Sahapakka consist of a modern log cabin. They also offer accommodation with breakfast at separated building in summer. 

Address: Sahapakantie 8, 43700, Kyyjärvi

Phone: 0400 697 013

Providing accommodation for you in summer:

Kallioranta Camping

Kallioranta provides 2-7-person cabins. The camping site has also room for tents and campers. 

Address: Kalliorannantie 82, 43700, Kyyjärvi





Kyyjärven kunta | Kivirannantie 4 | 43700 Kyyjärvi | Puh. 044 459 7111 | Y-tunnus 0176410-9