Keskellä kaunista luontoa.





The marina was inaugurated at Kyyjärvi in August 2010. The marina has also been used as a stage for theater and as a place for physical education. There have also been organized devotional times by the local congregation. 

The marina is located in the built-up area of Kyyjärvi behind the local library and the youth center. The marina has berths for 22 small boats and the wharf consist of eight berths. The opportunity of boating has got better since the marina was built.

The price of a berth is 62€/boating season. You can inquire about free berths by contacting with technical service.







The first partial race of Pohjanmaa Cup - fishing competition was competed in Kyyjärvi on May, 19, 2012.

Kyyjärven kunta | Kivirannantie 4 | 43700 Kyyjärvi | Puh. 044 459 7111 | Y-tunnus 0176410-9