Keskellä kaunista luontoa.


Finns love the nature from the bottom of their hearts

The hiking trail called Lapin sormi is 19 kilometers long and it goes through Kyyjärvi. It is also possible to stay overnight in a cabin in Metsola. The cabin is by the hiking trail. The wide swamps of the area are very fruitful for picking berries. Fishing licences can be found from Shell and on the website

The rapid trail of Saarijärvi is waiting for those who are interested in paddling and rafting. The trail consist of 22 rapids and a couple of open lakes. The trail is also the longest solid rapid trail in Southern Finland. Pentinniemi in Oikari provides a great chance for birdwatchers to spot different kind of birds. The luckiest birdwatchers may also be able to spot the European white stork.

In winter Kyyjärvi offers great possibilities for snowmobilers to explore the pure nature. The area has more than 100 kilometers of marked routes. Every winter there are various ski trails in Harsunkangas. In addition to skiing, there are also a toboggan slide and a place for a campfire in Harsunkangas just in case you are looking for more peaceful outdoor activities. There are several places in Kyyjärvi where you can have a campfire in the wild and, for example, fry sausages or just enjoy the nature by a campfire. 





The art made by a spider
Photo: Esa Nieminen


The black grouse at courtship display
Photo: Esa Nieminen

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