Keskellä kaunista luontoa.


Old-fashioned and modern

Honkalehdon Kievari

Honkalehdon Kievari is a tavern. In the tavern you can experience a fascinating piece of history. There is a collection of old tools, kitchen utensils, toys and handicrafts. In addition to having a visit, it is also possible to stay overnight. Organizing meetings in the historical real estate is also possible by agreement. 

Address: Honkalehdontie 156, 43700 Kyyjärvi.

Phone: 040 704 7109.

The Church of Kyyjärvi

The church, designed by Veikko Larkas, was built in 1953 and it consists of wood, brick and concrete. The church is located on Tuliharjuntie. 

Phone: 014 525 3300.

The Museum

The collection of the museum consists of old agriculture and hunting tools. The museum is located nearby the church and it is open by agreement. 

The monument of The Battle of Lintulahti

The monument stands for the battle led by Otto Von Fieandt on the 3rd of July 1808. The war was fought between the Kingdom of Sweden and Russian Empire in 1808-1809 and it is known as Finnish war. The monument is located on Honkalehdontie in front of the medical center.

The Shopping Mall Paletti

There are over ten versatile specialized shops and factory shops in Paletti. Paletti is located nearby the crossing of the highways 13 and 16 in downtown of Kyyjärvi.  The customers will find clothing, tableware, toys, groceries, books, homecoming gifts and much more from the mall. 






Honkalehdon Kievari


The Church


200th Anniversary of The Battle of Lintulahti



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