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Safe environment for education and growing

Education in Kyyjärvi takes place in preschool and comprehensive school.  The grades are from 0 to 9. The team spirit in the school is on  an excellent level. We always work as a team and we are always ready to develope our action. An positive, safe and homely atmosphere come across from the pupils and the staff. The primary school of Kyyjärvi has been awarded as "The primary school of the year in Central Finland"  in 2011. 

The staff with professional support is taking care of the safety and education in the school. It is also the main key of a healthy community. 

Kyyjärvi organizes different kind of activity for the pupils on grades 1-3. For example, children daycare on morning and on afternoon. 

The school has also versatile society action sucha as physical education, music and cooking.

We are using Helmi - software in the communication between the home and school. 

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Kyyjärven kunta | Kivirannantie 4 | 43700 Kyyjärvi | Puh. 044 459 7111 | Y-tunnus 0176410-9