Keskellä kaunista luontoa.


Residential construction

Kyyjärvi has several plots of land for constructing detached houses in the city plan areas of downtown and Kotkanniemi. 

There are not any exact ways to construct in the city plan areas. Therefore the style of constructing, for example, detached houses is free. We are aiming at cohesion when it comes to the shape of roof, facade and color. It is possible to join in district heating in the city plan area of Ruuska (on the map C). 

The main price of plots of land is 1,30€/square meter. There are also exceptions which you can find on the following file (linkki tonttien hinnat/ostotarjous). 

Plots of land for sale


There is a new plan for small residential buildings in Kotkanniemi. It is about 2 kilometers away from the downtown. The plan also consist of 20 plots of land for detached houses. 13 of these plots have own beach and plenty of area for constructing, for example, a lakeside sauna.

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