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Kyyjärven Vuokra-asunnot Oy

Kyyjärven Vuokra-asunnot Oy has more than 80 rental apartments around Kyyjärvi.

The rental apartments are located in the downtown of Kyyjärvi nearby the great services. Some of the apartments includes modern data connections. 

The company has deployed Flatco-service. Flatco makes the communication between the tenants and the company easier. It also helps the company to keep the apartments up to date. 


Searching for an apartment

You can search for rental apartments by filling in the application form. It is also possible to fill in the form via internet.  

Instruction for filling in the form:

1. Download and save the application form to your own computer. Save the form as hakemus_firstname_lastname.
2. Fill in the form carefully and save. 
3. Send the filled form with the required attachments via protected email below.
Send the form


You can also print the application form and mail it to the following address: Kyyjärven Vuokra-asunnot Oy, Kivirannantie 4, 43700, Kyyjärvi. We can also mail the application form to you. 

The company will make their decisions about tenants according to the data in the applications. The rental contract will be done after the acceptance. The keys for the apartment will be given after the first payment is done. 

Other payments

A tenant has to make a contract with an electric company. The most of the apartments includes a water meter so water bills will be made according to the reading. 

In case there is a general sauna in the real estate and the tenant is willing to use it, the payment is 9,00€/month. Parking space is 7,00€/month.  

Contact details

Technical director
Marjukka Latva-Laturi
email: marjukka.latva-laturi (at)
phone: 044 459 7102







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